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Since the creation of the brand in 2015, prints have been at the heart of the identity FÊTE IMPÉRIALE. For each collection, Laura Gauthier Petit creates an imaginary landscape or motif, which she applies to her creations. From a photo or a drawing that Laura reworks alone or in collaboration with another artist, the print or prints of the season are born, which she declines in a palette of colours.

The designer sees FÊTE IMPÉRIALE as a creative spectrum through which she integrates her passion for interior design. In 2019, she is collaborating with MADURA with the prints of the timeless collection; Appolonie and Jardin Suspendu.


Autumn Winter 21

 The Persephone print is inspired by 

of a cabinet of curiosities mixing 

colonial imagery of the 19th century

 to tropical botany.

 Here the ostrich called Persephone

symbolises the values of lightness and

 freedom of Fête Impériale.


Spring Summer 21

The Riviera is about the Roaring Twenties, the conquest of freedom, parties on the white terraces of the grand hotels of the French Riviera, dancing to the Charleston.


Spring Summer 21

Reminiscences of Laura Gauthier Petit's childhood in la maison in the South of France, her passion for crockery and her memories of travelling in Puglia, Italy.


Autumn Winter 20

Travel in North Africa, from the Majorelle garden to the the Atlas Mountains to the Oriental baths; an elegant journey in homage to the painter, the botanists and the Art Deco architecture of his villa workshop.


Timeless Collection

This landscape imagined by Laura Gauthier Petit is dear to the designer's heart. A favourite of the brand's timeless designs, it has also been used in household linen for MADURA. If you look closely at the print, you can see elements of the "Jardin des Buttes Chaumont", mountains in the French Alps, antique sites in Rome and references to paintings by Giovanni Boldini


Fall Winter 18

"We are like magicians, creating this perfect image of ourselves. There are two sides to the mirror, in all our realities, it can be quite exciting but also really lonely."


La Narcisse is a personal interpretation of the myths of Echo and Narcisse, which are similar to our modern use of networks and the digital self.


Fall Winter 18

The Appolonie red pattern is a variation on the original Appolonie pattern, which was first created in shades of green.


Timeless Collection

The motif Appolonie presents a dreamlike world, a European botanical jungle, confronting drastically opposed fauna and flora, where the notion of jungle disappears behind the bars of golden cages.


Fall Winter 17


Printed material developed according to

the gobelintapestry technique


Produced in collaboration with Craig Weathley, this imaginary world presents religious symbols of pictorial works transformed into irreverent icons.

The bamboos in the foreground appear like the bars of a cage preventing access and the transformation of this jardin défendu into an object of desire.


Spring Summer 19

Childhood mirage, landscape in a crown of roses mixed with iconic Parisian details, such as Medici vases, an azulejo frame illustrating a cross connection between European aesthetics and the landscape of Reunion Island, where Laura Gauthier Petit is from.


Spring Summer 18


Autumn Winter 20

Inspired by the art deco style of painter Louis Majorelle's villa atelier , the Orsay print, in a dark celadon colour, brings the classical and geometric rigour of its original period.


Fall Winter 17

Inspired by the old English and Parisian libraries, and the atmosphere created by the rows of books, Laura Gauthier Petit has designed a bookcase in the colours of her personal universe, playing with the titles, symbols and design of the covers and edges of the books in the library FÊTE IMPÉRIALE.


Autumn Winter 19

The HORTENSE motif revisits the still life with a contemporary and digital approach, paying homage to both the Impressionists, and in particular Auguste Renoir, and the photographer Erwin Olaf.


Spring Summer 20

Born from the collaboration between Laura Gauthier Petit and the artist Marianne Ratier, the PAVOT print features an intertwining of women and flowers, thus proposing a new adaptation of the flower woman, usually associated with a passive and objectified image. The choice of the poppy flower supports this idea, as a nod to its bewitching virtues.

Printed on light fabrics, the combination of design and fabric is in line with the light, summery pieces of FÊTE IMPÉRIALE.


Spring Summer 20

The print Les Nues is a drawing, designed by Laura Gauthier Petit in 2017, of intertwined bodies. This version in grey and a white, drawn in pencil and then blurred with an eraser to retain the sketched look of the design, was created in mirror image with the NUS BLEUS & GÉANTS BLEUS prints.


Spring Summer 20

This print is a second version of the LES NUES print. The original design has been coloured blue to pay homage to the painter Henri Matisse, before being enlarged to 400%, giving the print a textured, even pixelated appearance and thus echoing the digital area in which FÊTE IMPÉRIALE is situated.


Spring Summer 16

Because the very creative identity of artistic director Laura Gauthier Petit is to play with contradictions, she has designed a traditional toile de jouy of ambiguous scenes and thus challenges the bourgeois use of this historical heritage.


Spring Summer 17

At the origin of the Summer 20 prints, there is the Nus Bleus. The success of this print led the designer to propose a sketched version of the print and a 400% enlarged version. 


Spring Summer 16

Because the very creative identity of artistic director Laura Gauthier Petit is to play with contradictions, she has designed a traditional toile de jouy of ambiguous scenes and thus challenges the bourgeois use of this historical heritage.