How to wear Abstract print?

An exclusive new print for the new [INDISTCINT CHATTER] collection, Abstract is inspired by the abstract works of artist Gerhard Richter. As always in Fête Impériale creations, nature is at the heart of the print, presenting blurred illustrations repeated on the fabric. Like a botanical mirage, the Abstract print is featured on pieces imagined for the Autumn-Winter 2023 collection. Discover our tips for integrating this powerful print into your wardrobe this season.

The masterpiece

Here, the print is assertive, worn loud and clear. The centerpiece of the look, it stands on its own and dresses the silhouette in its entirety. For the new [INDISTINCT CHATTER] collection, the dresses are organic and come in the different hues imagined for this dreamy, hypnotic print. Paired with Iseran boots to complete the look, these highly creative dresses will give you a unique, non-conformist and remarkable allure.

Twisted monochrome

With its strong visual impact, Abstract print can be thought of as a complementary touch to awaken a cameo silhouette. With raw denim jeans for the Alice shirt in Dazzeling Blue, Gilbert pants in verdigris for the Green Forest-illustratedSperone Blouse or as an undershirt with the Calvinia dress for the Lennon top in Tofu: prints can be used as a touch to add a non-conformist note to an everyday look.

Total look

Dressed from head to toe in Abstract print? The Nata top and Prune skirt are the perfect match. The interplay of materials and contrasting cuts adds relief to the silhouette for a sharp, assertive look. Play with our collection by combining pieces from the autumn-winter wardrobe and create your own look.

Contrasting silhouette

If the print stands on its own, pairing it with a piece in the opposite style creates a powerful, non-conformist contrast. Here, combined with a shimmering, lacquered vinyl piece, the Nwali bodysuit adds a touch of natural poetry to the silhouette, breaking up the rock and raw edge of the bottom. A daring, inventive combination that lets you play with Fête Impériale creations.