Printed matter, at the heart of the identity of Fête Impériale 

Print is the essence of Fête Impériale's designs. It is the iconoclastic, impertinent and exuberant heart of the garment that dictates its personality, its impetus and its freedom .An invitation to travel to imaginary landscapes, the improbable and light meeting between the sumptuous Belle Époque and the irreverent punk movement of the 1980s...Prints are part of the DNA of la Maison born in 2015. For each of her collections and beyond, Laura Gauthier Petit creates, from a photograph, a drawing, a memory, the eclectic tabletop pieces or the motif that will take over her original pieces. Alone or in collaboration with other artists, she imagines exclusive prints imbued with life that she then declines in a palette of colours.

The process of creating the prints for the Fête Impériale 

Prints originate from impressions. A holiday photograph, a trip, an exhibition, a motif that serve as both a support and a vessel to give birth, in Laura's imagination, to a warm dreamlike universe where botany, nature, mythology and architecture mingle. Each print is an improbable and playful journey into the depths of the designer's personal memories, between aesthetic codes, between disassorted worlds.

In these paintings and frescoes, the meeting of personal topographical references , diverted aesthetic codes, hidden symbolism and revisited motifs embodies the expression of a passionate unconditional freedom.

The creation of prints is a real research work where Laura Gauthier Petit strives to simultaneously summon a desire to escape, poetry, dreams and all the aesthetics of la Maison. From her impressions and ideas, she works with visual artists, painters, designers and virtuoso craftsmen to develop unique prints to give life to the garment. The print is created by printing the image on the fabric or by using an ancient weaving technique.

And that is when the fabric becomes canvas... 

"Each print is unique, developed by the designer or in collaboration with artists. The prints of la maison Fête Impériale are inspired by the world of botany, 19th and early 20th century art: the impressionist movement, Fauvism movement, Fauvism and bourgeois painting. Each print offers a warm and dreamy each print offers a warm and dreamlike universe, like a painting on fabric.,

Laura Gauthier Petit

Timeless prints

The jardin suspendu 

This imaginary garden landscape created in 2018 by Laura Gauthier Petit is dear to the designer's heart. A favourite of the brand's timeless designs, it has also been adapted into linens for MADURA. If you look closely at the print, you can see elements of the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, such as the Temple of the Sibyl, peaks of the French Alps, Roman antiquities and pictorial references to the paintings of Italian painter Giovanni Boldini. This timeless print can be seen on the Alice shirt or the Hera dress, both pieces that have been

" Jardin Suspendu " made of printed silk and woven in Italy.


Appoloniethe iconic motif of la Maison, depicts a dreamlike world, a European botanicaljungle , with drastically opposed flora and fauna, where the notion of the jungle disappears behind the bars of golden cages. Nymphs and peacocks

cohabit in this "warm, phantasmagorical and poetic" universe to form a soft chiaroscuro armour...

The Appolonie print brightens up the Camus Jumpsuit or the Chloé shirt.