No GREEN-WASHING for Fête Impériale : the brand advocates transparency and honesty in all its choices and carefully selects its suppliers to guarantee sustainable quality. 

An eco-responsible clothing brand 

Environmental awareness and the creation of sustainable fashion are at the heart of Fête Impériale.
How can we dress more responsibly when the fashion industry is estimated to emit 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases per year* (2% of global emissions)? Read more

Our aim is to make clothes in France

At the heart of the living wardrobe of Fête Impériale, there is the ethical fibre. The one that has earned its credentials with exceptional eco-responsible materials and is committed to preserving outstanding know-how... Read more

Printed matter, at the heart of the identity of Fête Impériale 

Print is the essence of Fête Impériale's designs. It is the iconoclastic, impertinent and exuberant heart of the garment that dictates its personality, its impetus and its freedom... Read more

Swimwear : Beach accessories 

Since its inception in 2015, Fête Impériale has been creating original pieces, which make up a versatile wardrobe suitable for day or night, summer or autumn. Over the years, this French design label has never underestimated swimwear collections and beach accessories... Read more

L'Angora éthique 

The Léontia cardigan is one of Fête Impériale's iconic pieces. It is a cardigan in a limited edition of thirty pieces per season, made in collaboration with the know-how and ethics of the Angora de France label...

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The noble materials of clothing

Fête Impériale is an eco-responsible brand that values quality over quantity. This is obviously reflected in the choice of materials used for our clothes... Read more

Silk satins 

Satin, commonly considered a textile, is in fact a weaving technique in the same way as canvas or twill. Satin is so well known because of the shiny appearance it gives to the fabric... Read more