The story of a model

The Sartene dress

The sheath dress

A new model initially imagined for the Spring-Summer 2023 collection, Corsica, the Sartene dress immediately received such a warm welcome that it joined the signature pieces of Fête Impériale. A few words to describe its cut: a long, fitted sheath-style dress, with long sleeves, pointed ends and a boat neckline. In terms of material, tulle takes pride of place, and while it is lined on the body, the sleeves are not, to create a play of transparency. This simple yet timeless model is a creative and original way to showcase la Maison 's signature prints, which unfold across the entire dress, bringing the print to life. This elegant dress stands out in the Fête Impériale wardrobe, reinventing itself with each new collection!


I designed the Sartene dress for the spring-summer 2023 collection, 

a real tribute to Corsica , which occupies a special place in my history. 

I wanted to revisit the tube dress by creating a form-fitting piece, playing on the lightness and transparency of tulle, 

softened by the covering lining. This piece was originally imagined as a painting, 

the Corsica print reveals itself all over the dress, like a master canvas. 

This dress immediately appealed to our customers because of its graphic appeal. 

but it's also easy to live with: it's the ideal base for all the prints in our collections!


Laura Gauthier Petit, founder & artistic director of Fête Impériale

The Sartene dress through the seasons

SS23 - Corsica

The first model imagined by Laura Gauthier Petit, the Sartene dress is adorned with the Corsica print (from the eponymous collection) featuring a landscape mixing seashores and moorland Corsica in a print imbued with naturalness. For this spring-summer 2023 collection, Fête Impériale also presented the Sartene dress dressed in la Maison's signature print, Géants Bleus.


Following the success of the first Sartene, the dress returned the following season in a winter version adapted to the season, this time featuring the Reborn print, presenting a mountainous landscape mirrored in a stretch of water, the whole illuminated by a warm morning light.

SS24 - Blue Sand

For the SS24 collection, the Sartene dress is available in two new prints: Pelican Bay, with its Namibian dunes that seem to throw themselves into the ocean, and Abstract, with its organic shapes that repeat like blurred mirages.


In keeping with its commitment to eco-responsibility, and with the aim of reducing its environmental impact, Fête Impériale gives life to fabrics from past collections. As la Maison publishes collections in small quantities, there are sometimes a few rolls of fabric left over in the workshop once production is complete.

At Fête Impériale, fabrics are carefully selected and prints are exclusive motifs designed by our art director. It's impossible for us to treat them like garbage, as the fashion industry all too often does. At Fête Impériale, we bring them to life by using them on signature and iconic models, as here with the Sartene dress adorned with the Immortelles print, imagined for the Autumn-Winter 2022 collection.