5 looks for back-to-school 2023

August 2023

Our looks 

for the start of the 2023 school year

August 2023

As the season resumes, the wardrobe begins its transition, gradually replacing summer pieces with mid-season garments. Still fluid but more textured, the models continue to focus on comfort and perfectly thought-out cuts, while adorning themselves with the color range and prints imagined for the fall-winter 2023 season by Fête Impériale. Discover our back-to-school looks from the new [INDISTINCT CHATTER] collection.


Shili is the suit vest borrowed from the men's wardrobe and reinterpreted by Fête Impériale. Worn over a slim, long-sleeved top, it will also look great next to the skin, especially at the end of summer. Its natural ecru hue blends perfectly with the Prune skirt in tofu-colored satin featuring the Abstract print, here in verdigris. The contrast between the structure of the top and the fluidity of the bottom adds a masculine/feminine touch for a chic, casual look.

2. EVA

Long and close-fitting, the Eva dress can be worn day or night with its slim fit and intricate details. Made of tulle lined on the body, it emphasizes curves while offering a wise cut that reveals little of the skin. The boat neckline clears the nape of the neck and the long sleeves feature Fête Impériale's signature pointed finish. Here in powder pink, it is adorned with the Abstract print, between naturalness and dreaminess.


Gilbert, the iconic clip-on pants from Fête Impériale, returns in a grey-green corduroy version. The delicate hue from the color range defined for the new collection brings a natural dimension to this timeless androgynous piece. Pair it with the very feminine Sperone Blouse Abstract tofu/green print, featuring a wide front/back neckline, and you've got a look that's all about contrast, soft armor for a fresh start.


Timeless and elegant: this is the Calvinia dress. It's the details that make it so superb: couture straps that structure the silhouette, classic cut staged in ecru denim, structured look softened by the marked size . Its midi length and high neckline play the card of a femininity that doesn't need to be overdone, confident and assumed. A new staple in your wardrobe, this piece is perfect for a gentle recovery.