Goldie Boutillier

Outrageous Women #march 2023

Fête Impériale welcomes Paris-based Canadian singer-songwriter Goldie Boutillier,
incarnation of our Outrageous Woman of March 2023.

An independent, free-spirited artist, Goldie answers our questions in this video interview.
Goldie shares her journey, what drives her, her vision of fashion and what makes her a woman.
Solar, theatrical and uncomplicated, discover the many facets of this artist, muse of the month for Fête Impériale.

The Spring Summer 2023 collection comes to life with Goldie, the embodiment of this powerful woman,
between feminine and masculine, with a look that blends sophistication and spontaneity for an allure that's uniquely her.
In a dress with the iconic Marguerite or in coordinated ensembles for a sharp total look
(we're obviously thinking of the Fête Impériale coat-of-arms print series or the new Carte Postale and Grand Corsica prints),
Goldie is the image of the Fête Impériale woman: non-conformist, creative and revealing a thousand faces.

Go behind the scenes of the interview with our series of intimate Polaroids...