Lara Denova

Outrageous Women #août 2023

Fête Impériale presents its Outrageous Woman of the Month for August, Lara Denova. A model for the past 3 years, the 23-year-old has been making a name for herself as a fashion photographer for several years now. Already familiar with what goes on behind the scenes, Lara, who has always been attracted by the treatment of images and the emotion they can generate, has succeeded in imposing her look and her style, which today make her a rising star in fashion photography. By turns shy and ingenuous, then assertive and free, Lara tells us all about herself in our portrait of the month.

We caught up with Lara in a very urban, almost Brutalist setting, dressed in key pieces from the new Autumn-Winter 2023 collection. Here, the pieces are enveloping and comfortable, in stark contrast to the Parisian setting of the shoot. For her looks, Lara opted for a number of structured pieces: the Calvinia dress, the Tswana top, the Healy vinyl pants and the Shili suit vest, whose textured materials add plenty of hold to the silhouette. In a softer vein, a number of fluid or soft pieces have also been selected: we immediately think of the Prune skirt, the Eva dress, the Nwali bodysuit and the Marthe dress. Like the [INDISTINCT CHATTER] collection, these looks immediately reveal the importance placed by Fête Impériale on the interplay of materials and the fall of the pieces, which dress the silhouette with timeless elegance and boldprints.