Lohana Saby

Outrageous Women #June 2023

This month, Fête Impériale meets Lohana Saby (or Loha),

French model and painter from a small town in the Rhône-Alpes region.
Our Outrageous Woman of June 2023 navigates between her two careers,

through which she can fully express who she is, ignoring injunctions and diktats.

The woman who has always thought of fashion as a way to follow her desires without constraint

considers the arts from the same angle, even going so far as to color his creations

to work the material and achieve the texture and hues she imagines.

Luminous and resolutely non-conformist, Loha reveals herself in our video interview.

It was on the streets of Paris that we found Loha, dressed in the spring-summer 2023 collection Corsica, for an outdoor shoot.
Natural and elegant, our muse reveals a no-holds-barred personality, in perfect osmosis with the Fête Impériale creations.
Loha adopts dressy looks in turn, as with the Porticcio dress or the perfect match ofBastia skirt and coordinated asymmetrical tank top

or more casual (we're thinking of the Arès top and the Carte Postale-print Andrea shorts, one of our favorites).

Her radiant smile is the perfect illustration of the pleasure we took in making this shoot. 

For Loha, fashion is above all a way to create while having fun.
Her free spirit flourishes in creating silhouettes and associating pieces that reflect her own personality, with freshness and lightness.

Take a look behind the scenes of our interview.