What clothes to donate? 

At Fête Impériale we take back everything! Orphan socks, sheets and towels, tablecloths, shoes, sports shoes, small leather goods and clothing of all kinds. Find the 4 categories on the website and make your donation. 

What happens to the donated clothes? 

All the clothes you donate will be collected by associations and companies in the social and solidarity economy and will enter the regulated sorting and recycling sector. 92% of the sorted textiles are recycled or reused and the remaining 8% are recovered for energy purposes. 

Where can I drop off my clothing donation? 

You can drop off your clothes at one of the 40,000 collection points in France. Find the one closest to you here.

How do I get my 15% reward back? 

Once you have made a donation in one of the collection points proposed by Redonner (one donation = minimum 3kg of clothes), you will receive by email a personal code with the -15% discount to use on our e-shop .

What impact will your gift have on our land? 

1kg of clothes recycled = 25kg of CO2 avoided! Here's a clothing point guide to help you assess the weight of your bags. 

Thanks to our partner @Redonner