After the voyage of initiation offered by the [INDISTINCT CHATTER] collection, which took us on a journey of discovery through icy, mountainous landscapes, Laura Gauthier Petit, founder and artistic director of Fête Impériale, continues this quest for initiation, this time drawing her inspiration from the scorching desert landscapes of Namibia. The Blue Sand spring-summer 2024 collection, with its flagship Pelican Bay print, features the striking contrast of dunes meeting the ocean, between opposing materials and hues, and perceptions too. For while sand echoes a certain notion of temporality, like an hourglass ticking away the seconds, water is a vivid, whole element, embodying rebirth and the future. Through this collection, the journey initiated by Fête Impériale in the previous season seems to find its answers, between the reconciliation of paradoxes and the liberation of a chic anti-conformism. More than ever, clothing assumes its emancipating role, both protective and empowering, fostering the expression of a creative, uninhibited vision of the world. 

Louis Follain embodies the woman Fête Impériale for the Blue Sand collection campaign.
Model, photographer, Combo magazine founder, designer:
Louise is a jack-of-all-trades with a passion for fashion from an early age.

Her 70's-inspired style, somewhere between retro and nostalgia, was an obvious choice for Laura Gauthier Petit
, who immediately saw in Louise both the muse of the new Fête Impériale collection and the co-artistic director of the shoot. 


Photographer: Aaron Crossman

DA visuelle campagne : Laura Gauthier Petit et Louise Follain
Model : Louise Follain

Photo assistant: Axel Launay

Hair & Make-up : Audrey Payet